Tax efficient life insurance and income protection for company directors

The UK is overwhelmingly a nation of small businesses, with SMEs accounting for over 99% of the business population. Many of these businesses are owner managed companies, and may overlook two tax efficient ways of providing increased financial security for themselves and their families.

Two types of policy which are often paid for by individuals out of their taxed income can instead be paid for by the company and be deductible for corporation tax purposes.

Executive Income Protection Insurance allows a company to provide an income protection benefit in the event of illness to a single employee or business owner.

Relevant Life Insurance provides life cover for a director or employee where the owner of the plan is the company and the life-insured the employee or director.

For those who run their own small business, perhaps as a one-person professional services contractor, Executive Income Protection can offer a tax efficient way of arranging income protection cover. If the policy is covering a business owner, income paid to a spouse or partner can be covered as well, as long as that individual is not actually responsible for generating company revenue and hasn't insured those earnings elsewhere. The policy can also cover NI and/or employer pension contributions.

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Tax efficient life insurance and income protection for company directors

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