Charlotte's story

Charlotte began her career with us as a Trainee Accountant.

She joined Corrigan after graduating from UWE in 2020 with an Accounting and Finance degree, and has now completed her studies with ICAEW, making her an ACA qualified chartered accountant.


“When I originally applied for graduate roles, I started by focussing on the larger firms, but after experiencing the more impersonal recruitment processes it supported the idea that a smaller, close-knit firm would be better suited to me. The process was a lot more straight-forward and personal, with each stage involving the managers or partners who I would actually be working with. It also appealed to me that Corrigan have a strong focus on being part of a community.

“I knew I learnt and worked better within a small team and, looking back, it definitely helped me feel well integrated within the company from very early on. Being part of a smaller firm helped make the transition from university to a full-time role very smooth, and I really have been supported by the firm throughout the process. Communication in general between different departments and managers/partners is also very efficient and open.


“I've particularly enjoyed the social aspect of working at Corrigan – alongside my day-to-day duties, I'm part of the social committee and help with the planning and organising of regular events, for both the whole firm and for separate trainee socials.

“Studying alongside the job meant that I could apply exam topics to work carried out within the role. It goes without saying that it requires a lot of time and hard work to prepare for the exams, but I had regular meetings with my manager to make sure I was happy and progressing well with both the apprenticeship and qualification, so you know there is always someone to talk to.”

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